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As we may know already Aristotle and Lao Tzu would both agree that habits create characters and character is unnatural.
However character for me is natural in the sense that we are all born good and due to our environment or immediate upbringing we learn bad or enhance our goodness. I must agree with the contemporary researcher’s suggestions of character that it is in our biological make up. For example if we knew no vice or virtue from birth how then could we connect to each other much less other creatures in a caring manner. Our world would have been over before it started.
Yet Aristotle make a valuable point about the very nature of character although he would disagree with it being natural he mentions that character can be developed, worked on, and made better. In which I agree with Aristotle totally that even with the good we have instilled in us, we must continue to feed it once we become aware of bad and the fruits of its labor. We can easily get lost in doing both for the sake of its benefits in a society that uses both good and bad to control and regulate its citizens therein leaving people in turmoil of guilt, depression, or miserable all these human feelings are a result of good struggling to come forth because it is in every human to be.


I am writing a letter to myself. To the 15 years old little lady I was, here’s a few things you need to know because no one will tell you how serious this is to our survival and mental state and I know they would have been very helpful in understanding the world in which we live in. Also it is important to know the reasons you have not yet been warned of these harsh realities is because parents, etc… felt it was out of protection. In most cases they will be there for you, to preserve your innocence similar to the saying “what I don’t know, won’t hurt me.” Well before I begin, I would just like to say it is a beautiful blessing to be a woman but it is not easy.

Firstly, you should learn the written and unwritten rules of your environment. By this I mean there are rules that are clear enough to understand but there are social norms and cultural traditions that can be held above or below what you interpret to be the rule. Lauryn Hill, a music artist, once said in one of her songs that we often lose the game before we even learn the rules to play and by this it’s my belief that she is referring to the unwritten rules that often govern the written ones.
Secondly you are an endangered species in our society, being a woman anywhere in the world is an overwhelming burden but no other species is fit enough for it. You may be forced to endure a violation that will haunt you through the rest of your life such as being raped, molested, sexually harassed or classed as a weaker sex, as a weaker group compared to others. You may be underpaid and over worked because of your sex first and race second. You may be labeled too emotional to express your opinion. You may be robbed, bullied or abused for your money, property, ideas, and body. You may be torn away from your sisterhood and forced to rely on the male species for social status, relevance, or survival. You may lose your identity by giving all of yourself unconditionally to a partner whom you think is trustworthy in return for protection and provision. This may cause you to be stagnated.

The last thing you should know is never be ashamed of being smart and never mask your intelligence to fit in. Aim high in whatever you want or need. You can achieve or be whatever you want if you stay focused on it and put action behind it. Don’t wait for unseen help but ask for assistance when needed. Be humble and wise learn martial artist and stay healthy. If you don’t like something say something, if possible or remove yourself from the situation. Examine any and all information given to you before you react or respond.

According to Butler’s point that “vulnerability… becomes highly exacerbated under certain political and social condition, especially those in which violence is a way of life and the means to secure self-defense are limited” (29). However, I have armed you with the wisdom needed to defend yourself in any situation. Your success is inevitable!

What Precedes What

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Mersadez George

Existence precedes Essence
My aim is to explain my perception of what Jean Paul Sarte means when he said “Existence Precedes Essence.” So I will start by explaining what comes to my mind when I hear the phrase and his explanation of it. Sarte explains that to be the atheistic existentialism of which he represents is to say there is no God, but it is also admitting to the fact that there is at least one being that existed prior to essence and this being existed before anyone could define any aspect of it. In this statement I believe that Sarte is not committing himself to man’s definition of how we all came to be and talks from a perspective that would be true had we not committed ourselves to being part of civilization. When considering this fact I find myself disagreeing with Sarte because even in some of the most great debates put forth by science, religion and other objectors on this particular topic man’s explanation and interpretation of our existence fall into theories rather than facts of it. I personally am not committing to anyone’s definition of how we came to be or where we are going because just like everyone else Sarte’s does not take into consideration the circumstance behind choices in how they live or die.

Unjustified Foreclosure

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Mersadez George

My goal is to get justice for crimes committed against my mother and my family over property. A wrongful foreclosure led to my entire family to be displaced. Due to the loss of our primary home we have all been separated into different states and countries. Some of the reasons why I want to get justice are: my family and I have been personally affected by these crimes. These crimes also led to the death of my mother. Our entire family went from middle class to poor because it robbed our entire family of their inheritance. The wrongful foreclosure was a violation of the 4th amendment of our constitutional rights on search and seizure as well as the 14th amendment of Due process.