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Habit + Experience = Character

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Dammion W.

Aristotle believes that character is not natural, and that it is developed through habit. Contemporary research suggests that some people are predisposed to develop in ways that are biologically ‘hard wired’ into them.
What do you think? Is character natural or unnatural? Use an example to explain your point of view.

I agree with Aristotle’s philosophical theory that character is not natural, it’s formed by habit. The reason I believe this to be true is because life teachings and experiences mold us into the individuals we are today. We are creatures that’s constantly developing and learning from our environment around us and personal/social relationships. I learned how to be polite and exercised it so that it becomes a natural instinct to me. I learned how to not use foul language in public or when I’m trying to get a point across, and through continuing to work on that trait (habit), it’s something that’s become second nature to me. Even though those things are so little, I wanted to keep it simple to get my point across. That’s how character is built. For me not to ever have had anyone or had not been an environment that I would have been able to learn those character traits, I wouldn’t know about being polite or not to curse in public and when having a conversation. I would think it’s acceptable because from the “habit” of it being used so frequently in my environment, I’m not aware of it being an issue. And this goes back to my point that we develop our character (good or bad) from our habits.

There are some people who would disagree and argue that some people are born with certain genetics that predisposes them to have certain characteristics already in them from birth. One of the issues would probably consist of, the controversial topic of one being born with a gene that predisposes them to committing rapes. I would respond to that by saying that I don’t believe that there is a gene that would literally FORCE people to rape. At the most, it might predispose a person to, but predispositions can be overcome by cultural training and everybody is taught that rape is wrong. So even if the sociobiological explanation of this type of behavior is correct, this has no implications of how we should act, who we should be or how we should run our society. Character cannot be deduced from science. Character is created by practice.


Letter To A Troubled Teen

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Dammion W.

Dear 15 year old self, I’m writing you now as a 26 year old man that has been through so much in my short time here on this earth so far. But my life experience is plentiful which you will get to experience eventually. You will learn so much In the next 11 years that will mold you into a mature young man that you’ll be Proud to be. With that being said, I have some advice that would help you along the way. With the knowledge and wisdom I’ve obtained over the years, I would hope you take heed to what I have to say and use the tips I give you. I know how hard headed you can be but also know that if it makes sense to you, you will listen. I hope you use my letter as a guide to help you get pass some of your obstacles in your journey to adulthood.

I want to start by telling you and stressing the importance of staying focused and continuing your education. School is so important and without education its going to be extremely hard for you to make a decent living by time your my age. Things right now are extremely hard as it relates to employment, financially supporting yourself, and living a stable life. So education is the key to becoming successful in this day in age and without it, your more likely to struggle in live pay check to pay check. And we both know that you don’t like to struggle! so, make sure you pay attention in school and stop running after all these girls. Dammion, I understand you’re a handsome young man and you’re going through that stage in life where you have so many girls interested in you, and I know its a new thing for you having that stardom being a standout basketball player for your high school. BUT STAY FOCUSED!!!! You will have plenty of time to explore what’s out there. But for now, focus on your school work, bettering yourself, and setting goals.

Being a young Black man in America is a strike you already have against you. Racism still exist and as much as people hate to acknowledge it now a days, its something you need to be aware of, but don’t use as a crutch. Take responsibility for your actions and make sure that you make decisions that you’re able to live with. Its important to stay humble and respectful as we both know you can be, but we also know that you can be very arrogant at times. So make sure you work on that character flaw. Its not a good one at all.

I have so much more to say, but for now, think about what I’ve mentioned in this letter and put into action a positive change for your future, which i know will be bright.

Freedom of Choice

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Dammion W.

After reading Jean Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism, I would have to say I strongly agree with his theory of “existence precedes essence” as well as with the consequences that 1) A person will be what he/she makes of themselves, and 2) We are responsible for what we are. Sartre says in order for us to even start to define (essence) ourselves, we first have to exist as a beings. If I’m not here physically (exist) then how can I possibly start to define self.

One reason I believe this theory to be true is because, when it comes to material things such as buildings, cell phones, computers, radios, etc. it is essence first and then existence. For example, before a book is published (born), it takes a thought first, inspiration, and planning (essence) which then leads to a book being made (existence). When it comes to myself, I’m not like an object. I exist first and I’m constantly defining myself. And I’m the only one doing the defining, no one has that right but me.

I also agree that existence precedes essence because I believe that I’m responsible for who I am because I make the decisions that affect me and I define who I am and what I do. Therefore, taking responsibility for what I allow myself to be should be in no one’s hands but mine. I have full control over any decision I make and if anything happens in response of me making that decision, it is my responsibility. I might can be influenced by someone, but it’s solely up to me to make that choice to do something or not. This is so because I exist, but I am responsible for defining who I will be.

Tough Decisions

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Dammion W.

My goal is to continue to pursue my education by attending and graduating college. I believe that this accomplishment would make me much more marketable in the job market. Individuals with a college degree tend to have a more attractive resume compared to someone without a high school diploma or GED. This will increase your chances on landing that job vs. a person without a degree. With a degree, you can also demand more money in your specific field of specialty because you have the credentials to perform your duties efficiently. I believe that this increases my chances on becoming successful and working in a field that, not only do I get paid well, but I enjoy working. This personal goal of mine will also help me be more in control of my future by providing me with financial stability and because of it, will be able to provide in support my family the way I believe I should.

Someone would say to me that I should be more focused on trying to get employment at this point in my life because I was just released from prison and I’m in need of housing. In response to that I would have to explain to them that it’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make because it’s going to pay off In the long run. I’m thinking long term not short term. With me making the sacrifice to achieve higher education it would put me in a better position to apply for jobs that I wouldn’t be able to get if I didn’t take that chance. Getting employment right away might help right now briefly, but with minimum wage I can’t achieve self-sufficiency.

They might also say that education is very expensive and being that I don’t have any money or a job, how am I going to pay for my tuition. And I would counter with, there are many ways to find money for college. There are loans, financial Aid, grants, etc.

In conclusion, I think I’m making the right decision to continue to further my education at this point because of the greater pay off in the end.