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I tend to agree with Aristotle that character is unnatural, since ones character can be influenced by the environment In which one is raised.
Character as far as I am concerned, falls in two categories: good and bad. Therefore, it is up to one to choose, depending on the lifestyle one wishes to live. The fact that character is something that is developed over time ,I think it is not natural since for me it is not a thing someone is born with. For example, two brothers happened to have the same mother and same father. They grow up in the same environment but one chooses the life of becoming worthwhile contributing to society , while the other chooses to become a criminal. This shows that we become what we choose to become. It is not natural. We become good or bad by choosing to be and therefore practicing it. That makes our character. With the views that I have submitted, I firmly believe that character is not natural.


Then and Now

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Allen Alexander

Dear Allan at 15 years old,

I want to encourage you not to become despair despite, the negative effects that the justice system can have on you as an African American man in America. For example, a young man by the name of Trayvon Benjamin Martin who was unarmed was shot and killed by a Hispanic man who the justice system let free. I would also encourage you to stay away from drugs and guns as best as you can.

Had I known then what I know now, in regards to life it would have been much easier for me since I would have planned my life in a more meaningful and positive way. For instance, I would have spent productive time achieving a sound education in becoming a criminal defense lawyer or a radio personality. I would have situated myself whereby, I could have helped to amend some of the laws that have such negative impact on us, as African Americans.

Passing the GED Exam

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Allen Alexander

Passing the GED Exam is very important to me and it is a goal worth pursuing. It will enable me to further my education by going on to college. It will also help me to communicate effectively. My ambition really is to become a journalist or a criminal defense lawyer, therefore being successful with this exam would definitely be the beginning process of me achieving my career goal.

On the other hand, I firmly believe that a sound education will equip me to reach the highest heights. By this I mean there will be opportunities for job promotion among various other things. Having a sound education will make a big difference in my life. It is my belief that with a sound education, it is more likely for me to obtain a job, thus making me somewhat independent and also able to enjoy life more comfortably. It is for these reasons that passing the GED exam is a goal that I should focus on accomplishing.