Enduring Thyself

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Benjamin Mensah

What is agency, and how can it be both a useful concept and a weapon?

Agency is the active operation in which a person must go through to achieve and grasp what they wish to become. Agency is the right in acting, pursuing oneself and goals; not by words but with action. It is not looking at the past or future but focusing on the present and making something of it. Agency also deals with believing oneself, thoughts, behavior, interaction, and finding happiness in it. Not happiness of pleasure or pain but a fair happiness of a mean sanctuary.

Agency is very useful and powerful in a person’s everyday life. It is very useful because one is able to build self-confidence by believing his or her thoughts to be just. Not only to them but to everyone. Agency is a very useful because it helps an individual conquer them self. Not others but themselves. It is also a process one must practice every day to obtain it to make it absolute.

Agency is a very powerful weapon to any individual that have obtained it. I believe those who have agency are invisible because they’ve learned to adapt to any environment and anything that stands in their way. Not only are they able to adopt but also bond or bind others. Agency is a powerful weapon because the individual who masters it will exceed success that no ordinary person can even imagine striving for. Individuals that I believe have had agency are Olympians. Olympians are abnormal people to me, in a positive way. They have obtained strength that not many others have. They have obtained confidence. Everybody in this world is capable of becoming an Olympian but not everybody moves or acts out of self-confidence, powerful action, the agency to conquer their own mind. When an Olympian loses they go back and train to get better. When an individual loses they begin to doubt themselves, shows fear, lack of confidence. Olympians are able to bond and bind others. Any ordinary person doesn’t dare compare themselves to an Olympian because they know and understand the level an Olympian is on. When an Olympian says he or she is going to do something, they end up doing it. If an Olympian don’t manage to achieve what they want. They will continue to strive unless they have grasped it.
Agency can be very useful and a powerful weapon in everyone’s life. Those who achieve agency will overcome many things and reach great heights in life.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hi Benjamin! I am interested in hearing what you have to say about agency and responsibility? Do all people have agency?

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