Birth of the Unnatural

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Benjamin Mensah

Aristotle believes that character is not natural, and that it is developed through habit. I agree with Aristotle that character is not natural and it is developed through habit. It is through habits that a character is formed. It is an everyday process which makes a person. Either with sports, working, and schooling. One cannot become an athlete, a nurse or a student without a virtue surrounding them. The environment which a person is around also develops their habits and forms their character.

A person is not born to be a champion, a leader or an Olympian. The individual associates themselves with a habit of dedication, hard work, responsibility, accountability, self-respect and service. The individual cannot be a champion, leader, or Olympian unless they train themselves physically and mentally to virtue of becoming a leader, an athlete or an Olympian. It is an everyday process the individual must go through to succeed in what they want .

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. both are known to be great civil right leaders. They weren’t born to be a leader. Malcolm and Dr King went through leadership training. Malcolm who had a thug liker personality in his past; whose life changed after some years in prison. In prison developed strong believes in Islam religion and black philosophy. Engaging in thinking, Political philosophy, building self-confidence, and duty to act later made Malcolm X a great civil right leader. Dr King developed his leadership through his training of leading his peaceful protest, engaging in operations, and community conferences. Neither man was born a leader. Both engaged themselves with in a leadership virtue.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Benjamin (and sorry I am so late to reply; life happened). Dr King Jnr and Malcolm X were both great examples, good stuff. You yourself are going to need to foster these leadership virtues as a teacher – I think you have every chance of success, good luck!

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