Action Is Power

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Jazzmine Mack

Agency is a human or living thing in the world that has some kind of awareness of their actions. Agency may be known as a goal directed activity. This theory allows people to be aware of his physical activity and the goals that the activity is aimed at realizing. When an agent intends on taken an action he implements a kind of direct control or guidance over their own behavior. Agency also has to do with finding self-happiness because not only do you have to take an intentional action but you also have to be happy and enjoy what it is that you do.

Agency allows you take action in your everyday life. This concept is very useful because it helps develop a moral understating of happiness and how to take action. Personally in my everyday life agency is very useful because I can actually put all my desires into effect. One way I’m putting agency to use in my everyday life is by not allowing the down fall or lack of support prevent me from furthering my education and my desire to travel the world . Being that I have always had the desire to travel I will continue push forward every day to get to where I need with or without the help. As people become more aware of how affective this concept is their will be happy active agents and less stressful ones.

Agency can be a huge weapon. One way agency can be used as a weapon is by overcoming what people may say and actually pursue what it is you desired from the start. Many times people don’t realize that it’s not all about self and words can bring people down. For example someone may say that because of my lack of support I will not get a chance to travel the world, but I am still progressing even after the negativity.

In conclusion, I am able to say that agency is a physical activity and goal reached by desire and compassion. Agency is a very useful concept if able to stay focus on what you desire to do most. On the other hand it can also be used as a weapon to prove the actions is stronger than words.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Jazzmine (and sorry I am so late to reply; life happened). I fully agree with you about how powerful a concept agency can be; taking control of our own agency, in the way you are doing, is an important part of living a happy life. I think there is another way the concept of agency can be a weapon, besides the one you mentioned here. Rather than a weapon directed against individuals who would hold us back (which it certainly can be), it can also be a weapon against those societies (or features of societies) which prevent us realising our potential as agents. Once people realise that society is preventing people from flourishing as they so obviously could, that the way things are organised is holding back our agency *and* that we could make use of our agency to change things, then things are going to be very different.

  2. zhengrb says:

    Jazzmine, I really liked your point about the power of other people’s words. I think that it is easy for people to believe that agency is only constrained by things like physical force, threats, laws, etc. So I think you make an important point when you say that agency can be constrained even by small things like other people’s lack of faith and support. One thing this reminds me of is a distinction between “negative liberty” and “positive liberty”. Negative liberty is just being free of external powers acting on you (eg. no one is tying you up, putting up barriers, etc), Positive liberty, however, is the power to actually accomplish what you choose to do (eg. having enough money, education, skills, etc). I think you might be pointing out that agency has both negative and positive dimensions as well- and that we should try to make sure that people have both!

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