Agency is a Useful Concept

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Anthony Shell

Agency is the active operation, effective, powerful action {from the Latin, Agentem}. Agency is also the power and duty of act. The power and duty to act in pursuit of your goals. This means that agency is the self actively operating. Agency is very powerful and it works on different levels.

I’ve been applying for several jobs and I just got hired today for maintenance by using my references, this gave me the chance to navigate forward. If I don’t support myself then who will. Acting or agency allowed this to happen. A few months ago I went to a scholarship workshop for college and this will help me out financially, I can buy books for a very cheap price and I can have a few bucks in my pocket. But I would not have gotten help if I did not go and seek it. Agency helped me pay for college. I also picked up an application for a passport from the Post Office. I will purchase it during the Christmas vacation. The reason why I want to get the passport is because I want to see my family in Belize but I won’t be able to see my family in Belize if I don’t act.

This tool is considered to be marketable for people to fight obstacles. I can defeat what the next person says by accomplishing my goals. Regardless of what the next person says I can still get things done by ignoring them and acting.

In conclusion, agency is useful and is a powerful weapon that protect us from the obstacles we face in life.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hello Anthony! Do you think that agency as a concept helps create obstacles or causes bad things to happen?

  2. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Anthony (and sorry I am so late to reply; life happened). Just wanted to say: congratulations on your various successes, good luck with the new job!

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