As Is

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Anthony Shell

“What is that which always is and has no becoming; and what is that which is always becoming and never is?”

People are that which always are and have no becoming; and people are that which are always becoming and never are. I answer this question this way because this is my theory of life. In my life, I have experienced limitations. By learning about the limitations placed on me I’m able to overcome and break them down.

A person can become stuck or kept in the “always is and not becoming” if an individual is lacking in education then it would be difficult for him or her to receive employment. Additionally, due to the recession employers are frequently laying people off from their jobs, which leave qualified employees who can’t find work. Finally, when I apply for jobs, the employment agencies do background checks and once they find out that I have a criminal history they deny me for the position.

Every day I tell myself that my accomplishments can be achieved if I focus hard enough. I encourage people by telling them that they can succeed in major events. By constantly working, a person will continue to grow or “become”, and will not stay stagnant in one identity.

Some examples of how a person can be “always becoming and never is” are a person who drops out of High school who can easily lose focus and will be unemployed or have poor employment opportunities. However if that person should enroll themselves back in school to be a productive member of society, they won’t be stuck in that predicament. A person who is unable to find employment due to the recession can enroll themselves back in school to obtain the skills that will make them more marketable in the workforce. Self-employment can be another opportunity. As a person with a criminal history, I rely on resources, such as the Fortune Society to help me build my resume and gain experience in the field that I am interested in. I can also go back to school to get more skills and this can make me more desirable to employers. Education and skills can also give me the opportunity to employ myself.

In conclusion, people can be stuck in one situation, but find their way to success. They must have the desire to work hard and be willing to learn new skills. A person doesn’t have to remain limited. They can be constantly growing by learning new skills and pushing themself beyond their limitations.

  1. Liam says:

    Thank you for your contribution, Anthony. This was very thought provoking. What really stuck out for me was how, for you, the “worse side of the deal” is to be and not to be becoming. There are plenty of people who might think that it is worse to be always becoming, and never being. For instance, if you longed for a sort of stability which your life lacked, or found yourself working towards a never attained goal (stuck in the “rat race”, pursuing the American dream) – then it might seem a comforting thing to always be something, and not be stuck always becoming something. I think you are right to identify differences in your particular life history from such a (hypothetical) person who prefers to always be. It is worth thinking about what differences, in particular, lead to this.

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