Letter To A Troubled Teen

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Dammion W.

Dear 15 year old self, I’m writing you now as a 26 year old man that has been through so much in my short time here on this earth so far. But my life experience is plentiful which you will get to experience eventually. You will learn so much In the next 11 years that will mold you into a mature young man that you’ll be Proud to be. With that being said, I have some advice that would help you along the way. With the knowledge and wisdom I’ve obtained over the years, I would hope you take heed to what I have to say and use the tips I give you. I know how hard headed you can be but also know that if it makes sense to you, you will listen. I hope you use my letter as a guide to help you get pass some of your obstacles in your journey to adulthood.

I want to start by telling you and stressing the importance of staying focused and continuing your education. School is so important and without education its going to be extremely hard for you to make a decent living by time your my age. Things right now are extremely hard as it relates to employment, financially supporting yourself, and living a stable life. So education is the key to becoming successful in this day in age and without it, your more likely to struggle in live pay check to pay check. And we both know that you don’t like to struggle! so, make sure you pay attention in school and stop running after all these girls. Dammion, I understand you’re a handsome young man and you’re going through that stage in life where you have so many girls interested in you, and I know its a new thing for you having that stardom being a standout basketball player for your high school. BUT STAY FOCUSED!!!! You will have plenty of time to explore what’s out there. But for now, focus on your school work, bettering yourself, and setting goals.

Being a young Black man in America is a strike you already have against you. Racism still exist and as much as people hate to acknowledge it now a days, its something you need to be aware of, but don’t use as a crutch. Take responsibility for your actions and make sure that you make decisions that you’re able to live with. Its important to stay humble and respectful as we both know you can be, but we also know that you can be very arrogant at times. So make sure you work on that character flaw. Its not a good one at all.

I have so much more to say, but for now, think about what I’ve mentioned in this letter and put into action a positive change for your future, which i know will be bright.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for the reply, Dammion. I like how you introduced a bit of humour here – nice to see! I just wish that, were I to write a letter to my 15 year old self, the advice I would have needed would have been “Try not to be so damn distractingly sexy and good at sports”!

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