Procrastination and School

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Anthony Womble

Procrastination in school isn’t productive. It is not the quality of a good student. One reason why it’s not productive because it tends to put people under a lot of stress. Their performance level is lowered and the quality of their work is not good. It also leads to different kinds of anxieties. Under these conditions, simple work is made complex, where more time and energy is needed.

When you’re rushing and lack preparation, a lot of your editing is over looked in your work; words are misspelled, sentences don’t make sense, and ideas are not clear. This can lead to low grades, which can ruin your G.P.A. Procrastination is usually a characteristic of a poor student. More often than not, when a person waits to the last minute to do a school project—it often shows: it shows that the student doesn’t care about the work they’re handing in. It also shows that they do not value their education.

I often hear People say,” That their best work is done at the last minute”. And for the few that that is true, I commend you; you’re probably good at jeopardy too! But for the majority of the people, like myself, we need time to prepare: We need time to brain storm. We need time to go over ideas and create rough drafts and things of that sort.

In conclusion, Procrastination in school leads to poor performance and work. if you want to do well, plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to complete a project, so that your back isn’t against the wall and you aren’t pressed for time.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Anthony. I have to say that I found your contribution the hardest to respond to. On the one hand, it is very well written and I agree with everything you say. Procrastination is something to be avoided, for just the reasons you say. Giving yourself time to prepare is always a good idea. And people who do their best work at the last minute probably are irritatingly good at Jeopardy! But on the other hand, my understanding was that the task was to write down and defend a goal as worth pursuing. It was not clear that you’ve done this. Perhaps your goal is to avoid procrastination? That would be a good goal and the reasons you give here would be good reasons to take up that goal. But if that is the case it would have been good to, early in the piece, state your central idea clearly so your readers could easily follow you.

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