Poetry as Usual

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Robert P.

My goal is to have my own book of poems and essays, on the bookshelves of a major bookstore like Barnes & Noble. By having my work in a major bookstore it will allow people to view my work not only from my personal perspectives and view, but from theirs as well. As a writer of poetical verse and essay, I will be able to put my creativity into action by gaining insight into urban affairs, the life of black people, and community benevolence, therefore, enabling me to produce poems that specifically, black people can relate to. These relations built from my writings, will affiliate me with Langston Hughes, a leading voice of the Harlem Renaissance who wrote books such as, The Weary Blues, Shakespeare in Harlem, and The Ways of White Folk

As a published black American Poet, the function of my labor will produce a variety of literary outlets that can reach beyond New York City soil. For example, a published poet’s work will be seen and featured in magazines like, Mosaic Literary Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Poets and Writers Magazine, and Poetry Magazine, which are all recognized as valuable resources into the world of poetry.

It is important to me, to be recognized as an accomplished poet. An accomplished and recognized poet reveals fresh combinations of ideas, metaphors and images that provide flashes of insight. These elements are fashioned from a constant pursuit of various episodes, determined by cultural differences and life’s experiences seen by not only the poet but the world at large. At any event of the polished and accomplished working poet, there is the opportunity to make a significant amount of money throughout one’s career by constructing occupational endeavors for instance, creating book signing tours, book reading tours, crafting music scores for Broadway shows, and collaborating with other writers.

In conclusion, the working poet who is recognized and accomplished will be able to venture down an assortment of different scholarly avenues, which will lead to personal works in major bookstore, collaborations with composers and musicians, books and other literary works distributed in several languages in several countries. By far, without stretching the imagination of the published poet, who is renowned and proficient in their craft, welcomes the challenge to be able to write many works and verses over a countless decades. I feel that I can write and manufacture genuine poetry that will nontraditionally counteract what Amari Barack AKA Leroy Jones, Langston Hughes, Sonia Sanchez, James Baldwin, and numerous other were doing and still doing, in their community and around the world.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Robert. Being a poet would be a very fulfilling life, and it is good of you to try and relate to the community in this way. I am sure you have done this already, but it is worth thinking about the intermediate steps you need to take in order to become an established poet. What are the short term goals you need to set yourself and achieve in order to get where you want to go? It is also worth considering the following challenge – what if it is not possible to both honestly represent life’s experiences (particularly the experiences of black people) and also gain mainstream respectability? I am not necessarily saying it is impossible, but you might find that major book stores are not willing to stock poetry where black folk really tell it how it is for them. What if you have to choose between your art and mainstream recognition? Just something to think about.

    • Robert Pleasant says:

      Peace and blessings to you,

      My apology to you for not responding in a fashionable manner. Some time ago I realized that Barnes & Nobles African American section was very limited, in every sense of the word. I was truly thinking of just wanting to have a book of my efforts, you know. But you are absolutely right when you speak on “intermediate steps.” I didn’t realize how many steps there were. I thank you for your valuable input, I will think about what you said and apply it to my ideas. What poets or poem do you recommend that I read and study?

  2. Robert, I admire your desire to be a professional poet, and stand on the front lines like the way Hughes and Baraka, and Sanchez did. Poetry as a medium has taken some blows over the last 75 years, going from the most important and revered art form in our community, to a side note or afterthought when it comes to the arts. It is up to people like you to keep this tradition alive. You have the power, and you hold the responsibility to work at this. When I say work, I mean WORK. This isn’t always easy. It isn’t always glamorous. It isn’t always pleasant. But the rewards are great and they are there for you if you heart and passion is in the right place.

    Ask yourself, is it a poet you want to be? Or is it famous you want to be? If its fame, you poetic flame will burn out by the time you read this message. But if your true desire is to be a poet, griot, a spokesperson, a megaphone, a scribe…then sit and write with only the necessity to be better, and more sincere in mind with every word. Keep your message clear and you intentions pure.

    Let greatness pour.

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