Passing the GED Exam

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Allen Alexander

Passing the GED Exam is very important to me and it is a goal worth pursuing. It will enable me to further my education by going on to college. It will also help me to communicate effectively. My ambition really is to become a journalist or a criminal defense lawyer, therefore being successful with this exam would definitely be the beginning process of me achieving my career goal.

On the other hand, I firmly believe that a sound education will equip me to reach the highest heights. By this I mean there will be opportunities for job promotion among various other things. Having a sound education will make a big difference in my life. It is my belief that with a sound education, it is more likely for me to obtain a job, thus making me somewhat independent and also able to enjoy life more comfortably. It is for these reasons that passing the GED exam is a goal that I should focus on accomplishing.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Allen. You’re certainly right that a good education will be useful to you, whatever you want to do in life. From the sounds of this piece, you are not entirely set on one option, and you’re still considering lots of potential careers and paths in life. It’s good to keep an open mind, and I hope the critical thinking skills this course will help you develop come in useful when you’re evaluating the available options.

  2. Chris Lewis says:

    Allen, I think you are definitely correct that earning your GED is a worthwhile goal to have. My girlfriend and I both earned our GEDs in 2006, and we have since then gone on to finish our bachelor’s degrees. I also earned a master’s degree and am in the process of completing my J.D and my Ph.D. My girlfriend is an elementary school teacher, and I am on my way to being a professor. Our lives are much better than I think they would have been if we had decided not to pursue any higher education. Not only are we in a position to do more meaningful, fulfilling, and well-paid work, but we also have much more to teach our son, who just turned one last month. So our education benefits us, our community, and our children. I encourage you to strive toward your goal and beyond.

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