It’s Your Time, Make Up Your Mind

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Jazzmine Mack

My goal in which I wish to accomplish is to attend college and become a successful child psychologist. Why go to college or become a child psychologist? When you attend college you allow yourself to advance in a higher level of education and receive a degree in any field you wish to deeper your studies or desire to start a career. A child psychologist mainly deals with the study of a child’s mind and behavior. The reason why I would like to become one is so that I could help adolescence with their problems. When studying the mind and understanding the child’s point of view you tend to talk a lot and get to encourage them to do great things as they get older and develop great life skills. Another reason why I would like to attend college is so I could learn to prioritize things better and gain a more since of independence.

Should a person begin college immediately after High School? No, I feel a person should not have to attend college immediately if not financially or academically ready to take on these responsibilities. Why? For example, during my four years of high school I had a lot of trouble with prioritizing and my emotions this had a major impact on my grades and my mental mind set about school. If I do this is in college this could have a greater affect as well as my parents who had similar problems. When it came time for them to make the decision to go to college my parents was rushed into school so they did not actually have time to properly prepare, which unfortunately caused them to dropout and not receive a degree. I do not want this to happen to me.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Jazzmine. Becoming a child psychologist sounds like a great idea, and I wish you every success. It sounds like you know what you want to do and why, and you have also considered the details of when you should go to college. This is good work. I also particularly liked how you gave your contribution structure by asking questions and then giving reasoned responses to those questions. This helped me follow, and shows that you were considering what sort of things the reader may be thinking as they read. Keep these good habits up throughout the course!

  2. Chris Lewis says:

    Jazzmine, I think you hit it on the head. Being a mature adult when you begin college can put you at a great advantage. You aren’t going to college to be baby-sat by professors; you are going to make a life for yourself. Having that attitude will serve you well. Stay focused! But don’t forget to enjoy your studies along the way. It’s not just the end goal that is important and valuable, but the journey along the way.

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