Becoming a National Champion in Wrestling at the College Level

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Benjamin Mensah

My goal and desire is to be a national champion wrestler at the college level. Of course attending college for four or five years doesn’t necessarily mean for each of those years I’ll achieve the title of national champion; however, earning one title is enough to satisfy me. I believe by achieving this title it will build confidence and expectations for myself to achieve and strive for more.

One reason why I think this goal is important or worth striving for is because I have great drive. I’ve been wrestling for a long time and I fell in love with the sport. I enjoy it very much; it gives me a challenge and that’s why I have a desire to continue in the sport. By wrestling at the college level, I’ll be the first in my high school to be compete at college level wrestling and the thought of that encourages and motivates me because I will be leading by example for my fellow teammates. Fulfilling my desire, will make me satisfied and encourage me to always ask more of myself.

Another reason why I think this goal is important or worth striving (change this phrasing you cant use the same words twice) for is because my High school coach motivates and inspires me, he sees a potential that I myself can’t see and his words of motivation constantly move me to do my best. Many other coaches I practiced with throughout the city also saw a potential I haven’t yet seen and from the seconds in the minutes, to the hours, to the days, to the months during practice they have trained me to go beyond my limits. Some of the coaches also wrestled in college and earned national titles and they inspire me. I am honored to be training under those that share the same passion for the sport of wrestling because they have experienced success in the sport of wrestling. Being part of their teams and practices and having them tell me they know I am ready for the college level really allows me to believe that I can be the national champion one day.

A third reason that it is important for me to strive for this goal is because I am the first in my family to ever do the sport of wrestling. I want to achieve the best so I can be an inspiration to my family especially to my little brother and sister. Laying down a foundation for them to stand on when they grow up is a responsibility I’ve accepted. Being the first to set the foundation inflames a desire for them to strive for their own goals and passions in the future.

I will be going to college because the college I want to attend accepted me and I have talked to the wrestling coach about wrestling for him while attending college. If I end up going to a college that doesn’t have a wrestling program, I will attend the college for a year or two while practicing with coaches around the city then transfer the following year to a college that has a wrestling program in order to make sure I am always working toward my goal of National Champion Wrestler.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Benjamin. Winning the college wrestling national championship is certainly a very high aspiration. But it’s good to challenge yourself and you seem to recognize how difficult it will be and how much training it will take. Good luck! However, it is worth thinking about what you want to do after college. If you do become college wrestling national championship, that could serve as a great springboard into an athletic career. But maybe that is not what you want to do, and (sadly!) it’s always important to have a plan B, in case plan A does not work out.

    • Benjamin Mensah says:

      Thank you for the comment. My personal goal in life is to become an english teacher. It is my soul desire to teach in high school and also coach. A national title is one of my short goals i want to achieve throughout my years in college.

  2. Liam says:

    Ah, fair enough! Well the world certainly needs more teachers right now, so that’s a great long term goal. Plus I bet there aren’t many English teachers who are also national wrestling champions, so that’s a cool combination of goals which I bet would impress students!

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