“Achievements that can be made through Accomplishments”

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Anthony Shell

My goal is to get my Bachelor’s Degree in filming. Getting a Bachelor’s Degree will make me more marketable in the field of filming. I am also tired of my parents supporting me. I just want to be on my own for a change. A job can lead me in the right direction. I can become independent and responsible by paying my own bills on time.

I can also obtain knowledge and skill in my Career field by paying attention to the professors as their speaking to the class. Good note taking will be essential for me in order to remember what’s covered in class. I would also have the opportunity to learn how to operate on the latest film equipment.

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in filming will give me a sense of achievement because by writing down my goals and following it through, will let me know that I accomplish anything I put my mind to.

In August of this year will be my first year of college and I want to have a good GPA along with good attendance so that I can eventually get my Bachelor’s Degree.

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Anthony. I am glad to see that you have considered a long term goal, as well as the steps you need to take along the way in order to achieve it. This combination of the ability to see the big picture with the ability to see the details will serve you very well in a philosophy class. Make sure you keep it up. From the sounds of it, you know what you want to do and are well motivated to do it. Good luck in college!

  2. Chris Lewis says:

    Congratulations on making this big decision, Anthony! It’s great that you are aware of both your long-term priorities and some of the short term steps you need to take in order to realize your goals. Attendance and note-taking are definitely crucial if you want to be successful at the college level. I was a terrible student in high school. A lot of that had to do with my bad attendance and the fact that I didn’t take good notes in class. I ended up failing the 9th grade and then dropping out a couple years later. I was locked up for a while and spent some time supporting myself working at various kinds of jobs. When I went to college, I had a completely different attitude about academics than how I was in high school. I was focused, and I finished my first semester with a 3.8 GPA! I ended up graduating with my B.A in just two years by taking classes at night and during the summer. I’m telling you my story to let you know that, like Kevin Garnett said, if you are truly determined, “anything is possible.” Just make sure to concentrate on the little things you need to do every day, and every night, to realize your goals.

    • scholars2013 says:

      Thank you for your advice everyday I work twice as harder than the day before to reach my goals I have ambitions to be a film producer and I realized that I need to have a great thinking compacity.

  3. Ife Salam says:

    Anthony, as a fellow artist I am excited to learn about your passion for Film! I have quite a few friends who went to the NYU Film school (I also went to NYU but for Photography); as you progress in your studies I’m sure some of them would be willing to speak with you about their experiences, so feel free to keep in touch with me.

    I have a few recommendations on how you can begin to prepare yourself to attend film school. Begin to look at schools such as NYU, the New York Film School, SUNY Purchase etc. If you are about to enter a 2 year school and are planning on applying to transfer to a four year film school for transfer, you will want to make sure (now, as best you can) that the credits you take in your first two years will transfer over. You will do this by reviewing the courses your are required to take at your school, then contacting the Film schools you are interested in to get their feedback on what they will accept. See what elective credits you are able to take in the next two years and take classes that will start your education in film. Keep in mind that you will have to submit a portfolio, so begin to look at the requirements for schools. If you are not already, begin to watch films. A lot of them. Hitchcock, Scorsese, Wong Kar Wai, Mira Nair, I personally find Persian film to be really interesting, silent films, Cinema Verite– start to educate yourself now on the different genres of film and “the cannon” of film has evolved over time. The annual Tribeca Film Festival is a good way to stay on top of some things happening in Contemporary Film. The Bronx Documentary Center has a weekly group for Bronx film makers, even if you don’t live in the Bronx you might reach out to them about sitting in on some of their meetings. The Museum of Moving Image would probably be a great place to check out.

    Think about the kinds of films you want to make, but more importantly begin to think about your Point of View. What, as a film maker do you want to say? What is missing from the current conversation as you see it?

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